Our Projects

Installation of New Burners & Control System for LOOSE Boilers

Installation and Commissioning of new burners and control system for 3 steam generators “Boilers” at Abu-Atteffel oil field.

Project end user: Mellitah Oil and Gas Company.

Project Status: Completed

Upgrade of Crude Oil Heaters Control System

Design, Engineering, Installation and Commissioning of new PLC based control system for 3 Crude Oil Heaters at Abu-Atteffel oil field.

System Vendor: Honeywell

Contractor: Black Gold TS

End User:  Mellitah Oil & Gas B.V.

Project Location: Abu-teffel Oil Field, Libya

Project Status : Completed

Amal Oil Field Tank Inventory System

Engineering, Installation and Commissioning of Rosemount TankMaster TM-005 Tank Inventory System on four crude oil floating roof tanks at Amal Oil Field.

Project subcontracted from Black Gold Technical Services, Business Partner of Emerson Solutions in Libya.

Project end user: Harouge Oil Operation.

Project Status: Completed